Are You Taking the Steps to Secure Success?

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There is a simple question that I ask all my clients, “Are you taking the steps to secure success?” It seems like a fairly simple question to answer, but it a vital question to ask yourself in all endeavors that engage.

At work, are you merely working for a benefits package or are you working to guarantee the success of your work establishment so it can be generous back to you? Especially in the work place, the ability to create success in every one of your actions is very important and will make you quite visible — winner always are. Actions that might appear idle such as breaks, napping, going for walks, personal phone calls are all fine if you can answer the question, “Is this helping me to secure success?” If the answer is “Yes!” and, it is followed by success, no one will question you. Not contributing at a brainstorming session is fine if it secures success, but if it does not, you must choose a behavior that advances success. Not speaking up is a common problem at the work site or not knowing what to say. Securing success will give the tools necessary for uncomfortable situation such as conflict resolutions or confrontations. “If I do not speak up, am helping to secure success?” The answer seems obvious.

In the workplace, do you speak success? The very words you use will create a work environment vocabulary that will support success . As words flow easier from a place of success, your language will act as the motivating message behind what you are thinking and have a contagiously impact on the thoughts and energy of others.

At the end of the day, are you bring home success? Are you taking the same steps to insure success in your personal life? The skills you learned at work should also be the tools that you bring into your home, relationships and personal choices new balance outlet store online. The words and actions in your home need to be success oriented as well. “Am I ensuring success with my loved ones?” It will also help you to decide if you need to appreciate, exercise, go to the doctors or have one less dessert. “Is my decision not to exercise a guarantee of success?”

So much of our lives are dictated by policy, rules and laws. Fortunately, there is no policing success and the choices we make in term of securing success. With success, you can never have too much. In fact, if you need someone to police you, you are probably not in the right place or mindset to succeed. Securing success should be the easy choice that causes your life to exponentially grow. The goal of life is to become secure with success and not with a job.

Success is a vocabulary.
Success is how you think.
Success is how you treat others.
Success is how you take care of yourself.
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Are you ready?
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Exercise: Choose five activities during the day and ask yourself, “Am I securing success by doing this?”

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Inverse Body Language

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Some of you may know, I spent two months in Honolulu this summer teaching classes and lecturing. While there I stumbled across a wonderful opportunity, I got to work behind the scene of a criminal court case. I was brought on to see how the defendant was doing in terms of body language and to also profile the learning behaviors of the jury. Eventually, I advised the defending counsel to improve their body language because the jury has long since hit maximum information saturation and was not going to take in any further information unless there was some kind of tangible pay back. This is where body language became key.

People do not realized that body language can be a form of great reward or punishment Mens New Balance A19. When I entered the courtroom for the first time, I look at the defendant’s body language and saw how the jury was responding to it. They were at odds with each other. Immediately, I got the sense if things did not change she was going to loose — and very badly. The jury felt punished by her body language. She said she was trying to project that she was a hard worker. What she did instead is what I call “inverse body language.”

“Inverse Body Language” is when we send the message opposite of what we intended. In the case, my court defendant attempt to project that she was a “hard” worker set of a body language conversation of “do not like me or interact with me” which is devastating in a jury trial.


Look at the three example photos that I have pulled off the internet. In each case the individuals are clearly focused on their work, but to someone who has to approach these people, they are not open to interaction. Most people will not interact with these people because their heads are down and their arms guard their hearts Air Max Lunar 90 Flyknit. This is a strong body message to most of us that someone is intensely working. Unfortunately, it further says, “do not disturb me.” For my court client, it also said an “inverse” message, “do not engage with me or like me.”

Just notice how quickly you formed an opinion about each of these three people. How does their body communication make you feel? How much of your day do you find yourself communicating this message? Body language is a reward you can give to others. How would you change these people posture so it would send the message of working hard, but also be a reward to all around?

Lady at Desk

Now, lets talk about your next promotion?

Exercise: Either at work or in your personal life, notice where you come across the most resistance or struggle to communicate. Then with your mind’s eye, look objectively at the body language you are communicating. Does it match your results?

Going Under the Knife

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I had a client visit me last week with a difficult but not uncommon situation. She is an active school teacher who injured her shoulder. The MRI showed a tear in her shoulder, but it was questionable if it was the source of her pain. She explained, “My dilemma is if I postpone my surgery I will have to wait three months for another opportunity. If that happens, I will lose time teaching, but if I wait until next summer, then insurance will not pay”. I asked, “How much time do you have before you must decide?” She replied, “I have one week to decide whether to get surgery”.

I have unfortunately consulted with too many people in this same situation. Surgery is expensive and recovery takes time . Too often, potential surgical candidates have mistaken the word “recovery” with “pre-injury status.” The body absolutely recovers in 6-8 weeks, but to achieve pre-injury status could take anywhere from one to five years depending how diligent the patient.

The fact is surgery interrupts your life–no matter how simple. The reason professional athletes can return so quickly after surgery is they are highly motivated and have an organization footing the bill for the long hours of highly supervised rehab. Most insurance companies would never pay for all the reinforcement; and motivation without reinforcement is very difficult.

Surgery is never an easy question, but before you decide, do some serious research . As for my client’s situation, time and the insurance company’s willingness to pay compelled her into surgery. The following is a list of questions you should try to answer or at least ponder before you decide to get surgery.

Download PreSurgeryQuestions.pdf

Leadership in Baghdad

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blast-wall-baghdad1.jpg One of the keys to leadership is the ability to turn obstacles into advantage. Finding within yourself a different view that allows you to transform pain or injury into fuel for growth is truly a gift.

In Baghdad, miles of blast walls surround the city. They are placed to minimize damage of car bombers and attackers. To the people of Baghdad, it is a painful reminder of growing tensions.

A group of 40 artists lead by Baruir al-Sheik are turning injury into healing and leadership. They are using the miles of blast wall as canvases for murals cheap nike air max one. These murals are reminders of strength, their past, and hope for the future. “We want people to feel their environment, to remember their history,” says al-Sheik, 32. “Hopefully it will remind some people that there is good news in this country, not all bad.”

I think it is interesting the most visible change in Baghdad is being initiated by artists.

We Need Heroes

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When Tina Turner sang “We don’t need another hero,” she had it all wrong. We do need heroes, but not to rescue us. We need heroes to remind us that we have not even touched the surface of our potential.

A great example is Kellie Lim. At the age of 8, she contracted bacterial meningitis and due to complications had her right forearm, three fingertips of her left hand and both of her legs below the knees amputated new balance 373. Kellie Lim just graduated from UCLA medical school and will begin the arduous residency program at UCLA Medical Center.

I highly recommend that you read the article about this woman and all she has overcome as a pediatrician. This Asian sister is a hero we all have to find in ourselves.

Forget Carrots

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vision-training-contacts.jpg Baseball players are going to great lengths to gain competitive edge by using tinted contacts and $85,000 ocular devices that squeeze the most out of visual information. It’s essentially a “high-speed pitching machine that fires marked tennis balls at speeds up to 155 mph.” A friend of mine recently observed, “I really noticed that my vision went down hill after quitting tennis in college…but, it improved when I took tennis up again a few years ago.” So I felt like putting to rest some myths about vision .

Myth1: Your vision only gets worse with time.
This is not true. Just like fitness, if you are willing to maintain it you will stay in good heath. Other than when a supermodel walks by, when was the last time you did eye exercises – let alone on a program? The eyes have muscles and they need to be worked out: up close, far away, in movement, in the dark and in the light.
Myth 2: There is nothing you can do once your eyes start going bad except wear glasses.
This thought is more pervasive than you might think. People still believe once you have knee pain you are destined to have knee surgery. This is absolutely true if you are not willing to change you lifestyle. So, as long as you are willing to work, there are things you can do about your vision.
Myth 3: It is impossible to change your vision (Even as of late, I have been told by a health care provider).
As we see with baseball players whose careers depend on their vision, you can work to improve and if not anything else get more out of your vision.
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Over and over the body shows that maintenance goes a long way and obstacles such as weakness and pain are not a good reason to quit trying. I am issuing a challenge to you (and myself): to create an exercise program for your eyes (personally, I have incorporated it into my cardio/core training program). Work on it at least 3 to 5 days a week for 8 weeks, and see what changes. Throughout life, we have opportunities to improve ourselves. It is not just a privilege of 18 to 25 year olds. Please drop a line and tell me how this challenge works for you. As for me, I am going to work on something I was told would not change and will see what happens in a year. There is no doubt it will be hard work and will have to go against every current belief…even my own.
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I’ll be posting some eye exercises in the near future.

Mile High Club for Hamsters

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hamster.jpgAccording to, a group of Argentinian scientists have discovered a new use for Viagra – jet lag. Apparently, there is a molecule in Viagra that inhibits the brain’s ability to tell time (circadian rhythm). I know erections have caused most of mankind to forget far more important things than time . It gives a new meaning to flying the friendly

What Car are you?

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mercedes.jpg kia.jpg In my body language and posture program, I ask people to compare themselves to automobiles to understand expectation. Everyone immediately compares themselves to a $500,000 sports car. The problem is that not everyone realizes the expectation and image a vehicle like that carries.

An employer or a client pays you according to the package you portray and can maintain – it is the same when you buy a car.

When you buy a $10,000 car, there is not much expectation. It will get you from point A to point B. By the time you invest $186,000 in machine such as Mercedes-Benz SL, the expectation is that the car will behave exceedingly well . Its minimum standard is to perform optimally under all conditions, have impeccable detail inside and out, and will appreciate in value over time. It becomes more than just a vehicle – it becomes an investment.
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In other words, by the time you are paid a six figure income, you will stand with the posture of a leader, coordinate the way you dress with detail, perform easily under stress, actualize ideas into the future, communicate excellences, navigate gracefully through obstacles, fuel yourself with premium foods, exercise and maintenance yourself at peak performance, and increase the value of the company.

Look at the following list and see roughly where your salary falls. Look carefully at the wording of the slogan and see if it represents you. If you are reaching or exceeding the expectation, try to push yourself into the next level by asking yourself what you need to do to improve.
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Car Price Slogan
Kia $10k Make every mile count
Hyundai $20k Drive your way
Chrysler $30k Inspiration comes standard
BMW $65k The Ultimate Driving Machine
Mercedes-Benz $85k Unlike any other

Toying Away from Leadership

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family-trip.jpg Modern family trips have far more distractions now than the days of my parent’s ’68 Chevy Impala. As I have said before, family trip are unifying times. Ipods and MP3 players have taken over the hours of negotiating control of the radio. DVD players remove conversations and interactions with each other. The movies watched on the player provide us images of leadership outside the family. Cell phones interrupt family time with outside influences. And the person behind the wheel is now just the driver – instead of the leader.

Modern toys have invaded the “family trip” and reduced it to “accompanied travel” without connection.

The goal of the family trip is to strengthen a family into a cohesive group – each the interactions teaching us to unify, communicate, set boundaries and respect each other.

This summer take the opportunity to interact with your loved ones, family members and children by creating heart to heart connection through seated posture – which also happens to be the safest way to sit in a car. The distractions of toys are also the distractions from good driving trainers new balance.

Family Trips in the Office

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1966_chevrolet_impala_side.jpg When I was a kid, “family trips” in my parent’s 1968 metallic green Chevrolet Impala station wagon were always a mixture of family dynamics and heat. My sister who was 9 1/2 years older would lament about lost time with her boyfriends; my brother, would recount his adventures with the “older” boys detail by detail; mom would happily listen to all conversations; and dad would yell with the accuracy of sniper’s bullet if our voices became too loud or if we moved around too much. I sat in the far cabin usually nauseated and sweating because the car ran very hot …did I mention it had no air-conditioning.

For entertainment, we had the factory AM radio that could barely pull in a staticky, muffled signal or we could sing…as long as it was not too loud and there weren’t any big movements. Window opening was strictly verboten. One thing was always for sure, there was a hierarchy and my father (or whoever was behind the wheel) was in charge.

Little did I know, these “family trips” were life-defining. The conversations were a means of checking into each other’s live. The singing was a way of re-tuning the family language. Adventures we experienced amalgamated us as a group. And finally, the music we all agreed to listen to harmonized us new balance trainers sale. At the end of these “family” trips, we were much closer and communicated much better…even though hotter.

The work place is like the “family trip.” It is loaded with opportunities to create understanding, initialize language, harmonize relationship, expand communication, imprint hierarchy, focus efforts and train behaviors Cheap Air Max 90 GS. Also like the family trip, the work place is loaded with distractions. A good leader will take advantage of these times together to attune all the team members, to enforce the goals for the future and define themselves as the driving force behind the wheel of success…and not just a driver.