There is a saying, intent is 2/3 the law. I have never been totally sure what that has meant, but it is a great segue into what I want to talk about. In communication, body language is 55% of communication. This is to say body language is a large component of communication, personal message and leadership.
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Body language is how we communicate to people and the environment. It is our message about ourselves and the rule of conduct with us. It is also the means of emoting personal messages and the statements about ourselves. For example, “I am serious,” “I am the leader,” “I am happy” or “I am healthy.” Likewise, it also works the opposite way.
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billgates.jpg Bill Gates is an icon of wealth, innovation, and more recently, education in developing countries. He led Microsoft to become a power house in the computer industry and has a net worth of $53 billion. By looking at this picture of him, I have to ask the question, what happened?

touche-turtle.jpgGoogle “Bill Gates” and you will find hundreds of photos of Bill in various points of his life and career. Most of the time he looks youthful and rebellious, but in this photo he is just sporting a serious case of anterior head carriage. He looks more like Touché Turtle than a Barron of Industry.
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Anterior carriage is a sign of sympathetic overload and exhaustion. This once youthful innovator is looking tired. What do you think he will look like in a year from now if nothing changes? How often do you find yourself in the same tired posture/body language and what do you think it will look like in a year to five years from now.

If you want to make a different impression with your body language, make sure your heart leads you through life and not your head. Having the heart raised and the head squarely over the body is the strongest sign of leadership. But there seems to be an exception. If you own billions, you can have all the anterior head carriage you want. Until then, keep your heart up, head over you body and eyes on the horizon. If you happen to be a billionaire, “Touché and away!”