hiwatari In Japan there is an annual event called Hiwatari (Fire walking). It happens at Mount Takao in Hachioji to mark the coming of the spring. It is an event that I wish to attend because it is a reminder of the potential of the human body and spirit.
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Each person, old and young, has the same genetic makeup as all humans. They have hands, feet, nerves, bodies and skin just like us. They feel pain, they experience fear and they have the potential to burn. Against existing thought (and instinct), they do not experience injury from walking over the flaming embers.

There is no trick to Hiwatari. It is like any other goal you attempt to achieve: it takes practice, mindset, consistent training and belief. Witnessing an event such as Hiwatari, reminds us: the limits of the human body are unknown and anything you perceive, see, aim to accomplish, wish or dare to do, should be able to be done with the proper focus.
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In the world around us, we see things that show us how weak we are. We just look around and see examples of disease, accidents and injuries. We are told we will get weaker as we age. People tell us to “be careful” and “don’t do that.” So we stay in between the lines and follow those thoughts and visions.
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My hope is when you see another fellow human do something extraordinary, you know you can do the same or better. You have the same tools and genetics. Plus, you are one step ahead because now you have more insight that the task is doable. Furthermore, there is an infinite source of strength, wisdom and insight in each of us to accomplish anything.
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What is your Hiwatari you should focus on in order to remind you of your greatness?