jakesart.JPG I have a friend, Jake, who is a gifted graphic designer and artist. I call him “Mozart” when he is in his artistic zone. The reason I call him Mozart is because he can produce art as effortlessly, cleanly and with as little revision as Mozart produced music. The work he creates is core connected with his abdomen, as well as to his Southern roots. His art comes to him easily, so he is constantly reinventing his artwork, finding new subjects, styles and themes to draw out his deeper gifts. I bring up Jake because he is my reminder to reinvent something I do well so I never take it for granted. This is my challenge to you, pick a common activity such as walking and reinvent it. Walk on uneven surfaces and keep your balance. Stroll along the beach and try to make all your strides the same length. Navigate through a safe area with you eyes close. Try making your steps as light as possible. Practice recovering from a stumble until it is not traumatic new balance buy online. Each of these little reinventions of a common activity will create mastery and also safety. So over a lifetime, the gifts you have been given will evolve for the better. This is how life should naturally progress—where you improve on anything you did as a kid. Master what comes easy to you, so you don’t lose that valuable skill. Jake’s Art