family-trip.jpg Modern family trips have far more distractions now than the days of my parent’s ’68 Chevy Impala. As I have said before, family trip are unifying times. Ipods and MP3 players have taken over the hours of negotiating control of the radio. DVD players remove conversations and interactions with each other. The movies watched on the player provide us images of leadership outside the family. Cell phones interrupt family time with outside influences. And the person behind the wheel is now just the driver – instead of the leader.

Modern toys have invaded the “family trip” and reduced it to “accompanied travel” without connection.

The goal of the family trip is to strengthen a family into a cohesive group – each the interactions teaching us to unify, communicate, set boundaries and respect each other.

This summer take the opportunity to interact with your loved ones, family members and children by creating heart to heart connection through seated posture – which also happens to be the safest way to sit in a car. The distractions of toys are also the distractions from good driving trainers new balance.