mercedes.jpg kia.jpg In my body language and posture program, I ask people to compare themselves to automobiles to understand expectation. Everyone immediately compares themselves to a $500,000 sports car. The problem is that not everyone realizes the expectation and image a vehicle like that carries.

An employer or a client pays you according to the package you portray and can maintain – it is the same when you buy a car.

When you buy a $10,000 car, there is not much expectation. It will get you from point A to point B. By the time you invest $186,000 in machine such as Mercedes-Benz SL, the expectation is that the car will behave exceedingly well . Its minimum standard is to perform optimally under all conditions, have impeccable detail inside and out, and will appreciate in value over time. It becomes more than just a vehicle – it becomes an investment.
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In other words, by the time you are paid a six figure income, you will stand with the posture of a leader, coordinate the way you dress with detail, perform easily under stress, actualize ideas into the future, communicate excellences, navigate gracefully through obstacles, fuel yourself with premium foods, exercise and maintenance yourself at peak performance, and increase the value of the company.

Look at the following list and see roughly where your salary falls. Look carefully at the wording of the slogan and see if it represents you. If you are reaching or exceeding the expectation, try to push yourself into the next level by asking yourself what you need to do to improve.
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Car Price Slogan
Kia $10k Make every mile count
Hyundai $20k Drive your way
Chrysler $30k Inspiration comes standard
BMW $65k The Ultimate Driving Machine
Mercedes-Benz $85k Unlike any other