blast-wall-baghdad1.jpg One of the keys to leadership is the ability to turn obstacles into advantage. Finding within yourself a different view that allows you to transform pain or injury into fuel for growth is truly a gift.

In Baghdad, miles of blast walls surround the city. They are placed to minimize damage of car bombers and attackers. To the people of Baghdad, it is a painful reminder of growing tensions.

A group of 40 artists lead by Baruir al-Sheik are turning injury into healing and leadership. They are using the miles of blast wall as canvases for murals cheap nike air max one. These murals are reminders of strength, their past, and hope for the future. “We want people to feel their environment, to remember their history,” says al-Sheik, 32. “Hopefully it will remind some people that there is good news in this country, not all bad.”

I think it is interesting the most visible change in Baghdad is being initiated by artists.