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There is a simple question that I ask all my clients, “Are you taking the steps to secure success?” It seems like a fairly simple question to answer, but it a vital question to ask yourself in all endeavors that engage.

At work, are you merely working for a benefits package or are you working to guarantee the success of your work establishment so it can be generous back to you? Especially in the work place, the ability to create success in every one of your actions is very important and will make you quite visible — winner always are. Actions that might appear idle such as breaks, napping, going for walks, personal phone calls are all fine if you can answer the question, “Is this helping me to secure success?” If the answer is “Yes!” and, it is followed by success, no one will question you. Not contributing at a brainstorming session is fine if it secures success, but if it does not, you must choose a behavior that advances success. Not speaking up is a common problem at the work site or not knowing what to say. Securing success will give the tools necessary for uncomfortable situation such as conflict resolutions or confrontations. “If I do not speak up, am helping to secure success?” The answer seems obvious.

In the workplace, do you speak success? The very words you use will create a work environment vocabulary that will support success . As words flow easier from a place of success, your language will act as the motivating message behind what you are thinking and have a contagiously impact on the thoughts and energy of others.

At the end of the day, are you bring home success? Are you taking the same steps to insure success in your personal life? The skills you learned at work should also be the tools that you bring into your home, relationships and personal choices new balance outlet store online. The words and actions in your home need to be success oriented as well. “Am I ensuring success with my loved ones?” It will also help you to decide if you need to appreciate, exercise, go to the doctors or have one less dessert. “Is my decision not to exercise a guarantee of success?”

So much of our lives are dictated by policy, rules and laws. Fortunately, there is no policing success and the choices we make in term of securing success. With success, you can never have too much. In fact, if you need someone to police you, you are probably not in the right place or mindset to succeed. Securing success should be the easy choice that causes your life to exponentially grow. The goal of life is to become secure with success and not with a job.

Success is a vocabulary.
Success is how you think.
Success is how you treat others.
Success is how you take care of yourself.
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Are you ready?
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Exercise: Choose five activities during the day and ask yourself, “Am I securing success by doing this?”

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